July’s session sounded great – it surpassed expectations. Our next Beatles workshop is on Thursday, August 8.  Here are the songs we’ll be doing:

Norwegian Wood

I’m Looking Through You

Here Comes The Sun


Also, I’d like to try a soft acoustic version of In My Life, since we learned the chords last time. It will be nice to hear the ukuleles, acoustic guitars  and unamplified voices.

If you can’t print or download the charts from here, let me know and I’ll email you the files.

I’m Looking Through You was originally written and played in the key of G. They raised it to Ab in the studio for Take 4, which is what’s on the record and in the complete score transcript. The rhythm guitar was capo’d at the first fret.  I think we should play it in G because it’s so much easier!

A capo is recommended (2nd fret) to get the right guitar voicing on Norwegian Wood. The chord chart shows it in D with a capo but the song is actually in E. The complete score shows the correct chord names.

I saw Deconstructing Abbey Road, Side 2 in Sebastopol last week and was amazed by the complexity of Here Comes The Sun. That lecture won’t be available on video until its theater tour is done, but there’s another good one by FabFourArchivist on YouTube.

BTW, we’re going to have two Ringos this time – Oscar will bring his drums and alternate with Joe Frankl. We might have multiple bass players, too. Hope to see you there.

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