The first chord of A Hard Day’s Night is a combination of Dsus, F and G chords, with strange fingering on a 12-string guitar and a 6-string. The bass plays a D note. The chords shown in the published score are wrong.  Here are the right chords:

On a 12 string guitar, the 4 lower strings include notes an octave higher (C G F A).  Those 4 notes can be played independently on another guitar, or with a very simple ukulele chord:


If there are multiple ukuleles, a mix of Dm, F, and G chords would probably sound good.

George Martin doubled the low notes D2 G2 D3 on a grand piano, reinforcing the Dsus nature of the chord.

Lastly, here are two popular guitar versions of the chord. While not exactly what’s on the record, together they catch most of the notes and sound pretty good even without a 12-string.

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