FYI on some update/changes to the monthly blues night:

  1. We are rescheduling the next Blues night to October, so as not to conflict with the Volunteer Fireman’s fundraiser being held Saturday the 12th. The next blues night will be Saturday, October 10th 7-9:30 pm at the art gallery.
  2. There will be an open sign-up sheet at the door for drop-ins. Anyone who signs up when the doors open at 7pm will be added to the show/event as time allows.

  3. We are actively looking for local musicians to participate/attend. Musicians are welcome to stop by the Saturday morning jam sessions held weekly at the art gallery (8:30-10:30am), or sign up the night of the event. We encourage all interested workshop members to rehearse and/or participate in a jam session as preparation for the performance.

Thanks, and enjoy Charlie Musselwhite at FNL tonight!!!

See you soon,



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